Let the numbers tell your story.

Step into a world where numbers tell tales of triumph, where innovation is measured in millions, and success is the currency we deal in. At Spontan Creative Media, our story is written in digits that echo our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries.

With a track record of managing over 10 million euros in budgets, we don’t just handle figures; we orchestrate financial success. We’ve cast our digital net wide, connecting with over 100 million people across the globe. Our reach is vast, our impact profound – a testament to the global resonance of our creations.

But numbers don’t just speak of scope; they speak of trust. With a portfolio spanning over 100 companies and organizations, we’ve built a reputation that’s as diverse as it is exceptional. As we trailblaze through the digital landscape, our journey is paved with the footsteps of over 200,000 followers – a thriving testament to our ability to captivate and inspire.

We’re not just about creating waves; we’re about setting trends, exceeding expectations, and redefining what’s possible. Join us in a symphony of success where numbers are our allies, and your dreams are our canvas.

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Elevate your brand with Spontan Creative Media
where we don't just count success; we embody it.

Discover excellence at Spontan Creative Media, an award-winning agency that empowers medium and large businesses to surge ahead in the competition through unparalleled digital experiences.

Our expertise spans design, full branding, app, web and game development, video spots and animation, marketing and communication.

Trusted by major companies and organizations locally and internationally, we’re at the forefront of innovation.