Videos & Animations

UFC Albania

Spontan Creative Media is responsible for creating some videos for UFC Albania. https://youtu.be/SLUOrXP5q7M Instagram story version : https://youtu.be/iZP3_9OibFI

NEO Electronics

NEOADS is the newest marketing tool for business in Albania. The device will have a two-sided screen incorporated, which will transmit the commercials. This product will provide constant visual content to the products on the customer’s table, except for the convenience of charging. Spontan Creative Media was responsible for the logo creation. NEOSTORE      …

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Smart FIlm Awards

Smart Film Awards is an opportunity for the youth of Republic of Albania and Republic of Kosovo, regardless of their ethnicity or gender to showcase their talent in filmmaking by creating and publishing a short film or documentary (by using only smartphones) about the life of young entrepreneurs from both countries. This project is part of “Regional …

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