A combination of past, present and the future, an ifallible style : Bulgarini

Created about 20 years ago, Bulgarini is specialized in the production of shirts in the typical style of Italian sewing history.              We chose a warm blue and a crown to symbolize and communicate the Bulgarini brand.Blue represents the colors of the sky , sea … life. The crown represents glory and honor, legitimacy and triumph.                                                                                          Spontan Creative Media was responsible for SMM & M, website development, video promotions and flyers. 

Bulgarini a consolidated brand in the albanian market, nedded a professional agency to handle the huge audience of more than +40.000 followers. SCM is responsible for Bulgarini’s visibility on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

Different promotional videos and posters created to communicate the clothing offers in different seasons throughout the Bulgarini’s campaign.

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